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How to Trade Forex

Currency prices are constantly fluctuating against each other, offering multiple trading opportunities daily


Why traders choose Forex

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Forex trading for beginners

Trading Forex combines immense opportunities, as well as high risks. An untrained private trader can lose money if he ignores the basic concepts and rules of Forex trading.

Online forex trading: where to start

Forex is a trading platform that brings together sellers and buyers of currency. Traders - individuals who trade foreign currency in the financial market - receive their primary income from exchange rate fluctuations.

A trader must have an investment base, analytical and strategic skills, which are necessary for planning and development of business in Forex.

Online forex trading: where to start1


The strategy is also necessary for the first steps in trading. It is not recommended to start full-fledged transactions immediately. The beginner should:

  • Learn the basics and critical concepts determine how the exchange works and what are the rules of making a deal;

  • create a trial account and use its demo version;

  • choose a betting strategy;

  • start cent trading, and then increase the operation sums.

Before the first trade it is necessary to get information:

  • how the currency market is formed and what it consists of;

  • how and why the quotes change;

  • which currency is preferable for trading;

  • how the available strategies are used for different types of trading: momentary, fundamental, technical and others.

It is necessary to understand in details the scheme of trading Forex:

  • a dealing centre will provide access to transactions. Here you should register and create an account;

  • the trader installs a trading terminal - software that monitors price dynamics;

  • generates a request to make a deal;

  • forex company makes a deal and transfers the earned money to the trader's account.

For carrying out trade forex broker charges a commission - spread. Its amount is usually the difference between the selling price and the buyer's price.

Online forex trading: where to start2


How to succeed in trading

To minimize risks and increase margin, a trader should:

  • choose a reliable broker. Characteristics will be a balanced spread, fixed legal status, availability of an international financial regulator and free trading instruments;

  • to form a trading strategy based on trading types;

  • make well-thought-out deals in large quantities, spend at least 4 hours daily on trading. A well-thought-out deposit is considered to be not more than 15% of the deposit. Possible losses should be limited to 1% of the deposit;

  • be self-organized, disciplined and patient. Professionalism and high income from trading at the exchange are formed not in one day and month. The more consistent a trader is, the higher the probability of his success is.

Forex is a place for free trading. It opens unique opportunities for earning and self-development. However, beginners in trading should start with theory, small steps and concentrated work before their income becomes stable.